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When I was growing up I used to spend one month every summer on my uncle’s dairy farm. I was so proud to drive the tractor and later on to harvest the hay. I was fascinated by the very zen Holstein cows. Every day they were feeding off of green pastures and we had to go get them back to the farm.

Nowadays milk is still part of my diet as I pour it on my cereals in the morning but I’m mostly a user of transformed milk products: Cheese is my favorite, I also eat yogurt, ice cream, butter and sour cream.

I was interested to see how the milk industry evolved in Canada, but also to include the alternatives like soy milk, rice, almond and hemp products and see how they fit in the nutrition picture.

My research led me to some surprising discoveries, setting aside the complicated quota system that regulates all the normal cow milk production, I was astounded to find out how difficult it is for canadians to find wholesome raw milk when it’s common practice in Europe. It would seem beneficial, for those conscious of  healthier ways, to be able to drink a fuller product, especially when it is produced on small organic or biodyamic farms, but it seems that this side of things is contolled with methods closer to a stalinian country than our fairy tale good ol’ Canada.

Anyway enough politics if you are interested by these debates you can visit our links page or post on the Forum about it.


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